Memories In College Puzzle

Having a fun college life will never be forgotten. No matter it is with family or anchored again with friends. College life can be messy and like a puzzle. Haha. Just like with College Puzzle. We have to guess “what’s in this meter?” etc.

There is a lot of fun time on campus. And the thing most often done in lectures is sleeping in class. Yes. On average, colleger who sleep in class during the learning process take place because they feel tired with the organization they are involved in, activities outside the campus. Or even because the learning atmosphere is very boring.

Another thing that cannot be forgotten is when colleger are not allowed to enter late, but the lecturer will not go to campus immediately. Or when collegers are late collecting lectures, the lecturer is overwhelmed by how to fill in collegers grades. On the other hand, colleger who will ask the lecturer so that their assignments can be collected even though they will get low grades.

There are also when colleger feel upset when the lecturer negates the class but does not give notice to one of the collegers, things like making students feel frustrated because they wait for the lecturer for too long, there are also students who just leave because they feel annoyed the lecturer did not come. Or when colleger feel upset because they always forget their name, while the lecturer has many collegers who must be taught so that it is natural that the lecturer forgets the colleger’s name.

For colleger who are in their final assignment, they will certainly feel very upset when they are ready to guide by the lecturer, but the lecturer cancels it because there is an urgent and urgent matter. This will make colleger more frustrated with college life.

Finally, when colleger always get questions like, “when did you graduate?” from his peers. This fact made the colleger very frustrated because they felt they were always being chased by time but it did not produce anything.

There are a lot of memories in college that you couldn’t even get. Always Be Happy, guys :))

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