Use These 4 Choices For Your Bathroom Floor

In addition to seeping walls, another problem that often exists in the bathroom usually comes from the floor. If it is located on the 2nd floor, the bathroom floor tends to leak and not seep on the 1st floor. This makes your bathroom must be renovated immediately so that it does not cause new problems. To renovate a bathroom, you can use the services of bathroom remodel Columbia SC.

Well, besides being prone to leaking and seepage, flooring material plays a major role in the safety of bathroom users. Not infrequently, due to the selection of the wrong floor covering material, users can slip while in the bathroom.

This is the choice of safe flooring material in the bathroom.

1 Ceramics

Ceramic specifications for bathroom floor coverings do not differ much from other rooms. However, matte and textured ceramics are better because they can minimize the accident rate of bathroom users.

The ceramic manufacturers have also created a compact ceramic design for a combination of floors, tiles, lower walls, middle trim, and upper walls to make the bathroom look more harmonious.

2 Corals

Another alternative to natural appearance is to use coral. Also available on the market are coral stones in various colours and sizes. Aside from being a decoration, the use of coral can also be used for health therapy. Stepping on a coral rocky floor is believed to expedite blood circulation in the body.

3 Natural Stone

For a more natural look, the natural stone is the winner. Its rough natural texture is another advantage. The disadvantage lies in its tendency to be mossy. For this reason, natural stones must be cleaned frequently or with an anti-moss coating.

4 Synthetic Wood

It is not recommended to use wood as a floor covering in the bathroom. Apart from its high price, this material is easily weathered and cannot stand high humidity. If you still want the appearance of wood on the bathroom floor, synthetic wood (Wood Plastic Composite) can be used.

Well, those are some flooring options that can be used for your bathroom floor to make it look more beautiful and certainly not problematic. Good luck!

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