Magic Is Science And Art

A magic show performed by a gold coast magician is one of the most popular forms of entertainment people choose for their party. With the popularity of the magic show, hire a magician for your party will surely liven up your party and make it hard to forget. In the world of magic, whether mind games or illusions using tools, the percentage of failures will always be there. This possibility is unavoidable regardless of how well the preparations made by the mystery workers. Working in the magic world had three main elements, namely the speed of the hand, physical techniques and tools, and psychology. Unlike hypnosis which emphasizes psychological elements, magic prioritizes hand speed and technique.

The technique chosen in magic is important. This technique affects the tools used as well as the number of assistants who assist. The many factors involved also increase the risk of failure. Magic is a matter of doing calculations for tricks. Magic is science and art combined. For example, the case of someone sleeping on a board and two chairs. Then when the board and chair are moved, the person can fly. Yet according to science, people or objects must fall because of the force of gravity. When flying, that’s when the magic happens. Magic is the science that is ‘opposed,’ against nature, but actually can be explained and can be learned (based on science).

In carrying out dangerous acts of magic must be done with calculations as detailed as possible. Accidents in a magic show were caused by too high a magician’s idealism. This idealism makes mystery workers feel challenged and then determined to do new tricks in the show. The danger, without calculating safety, considers mature techniques, as well as thinking about the side effects caused. That would endanger ourselves or our audience. So, that idealism must be put in place. That is why it is important to choose a professional and experienced magician you want to hire for your party.

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