These Steps Can Help You Make A Great Website Design

It’s important to research your competitors. Ideally, your website should be able to perform better. How you can first learn the various elements and approaches used by competitors to attract customers. It is important to remember that 48% of visitors consider website design as a factor that shows a company’s credibility. If you only want to provide the best website design for your customers, we recommend you to hire the best Small Business Web Design Agency London.

For example, if you have an accommodation business, convenience is your business’s selling point. You can learn the color patterns used by your competitors to offer these nuances. It’s because each color contains different aspects of psychology.

In addition, you also have to design a website layout. The layout is a technique for making website elements look attractive. Some elements of the website include headers, content, footers.

Layout work should be prioritized before going to the other design steps. In this stage, a designer will make a draft design. There are three types of draft designs that can be made, namely wireframe, mockup, and prototype. The simplest is the wireframe.

Furthermore, the design functions to communicate the message. The visual hierarchy can help you do that.

The visual hierarchy is a method that directs website visitors to find important information first. You do this by manipulating design elements so that they highlight certain elements.

With a visual hierarchy, you can make each visitor find important information in a short time.

Finally, one of the mistakes in web design planning is to include all the elements because they are considered important. This will only make your website look “crowded”.

The best step is to always provide white space. The goal, besides creating an impression of elegance and visual pause, this empty space can help important elements such as CTA (Call to Action) stand out.

The most popular examples of using this empty space are the front page of Google’s search engine and Apple’s website

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