Most Of Rick and Morty Fans Are Millenials Who Are Not Rich

Rick and Morty destroyed the world we know and returned it to the earliest times in a very disturbing way. Rick and Morty moved to a universe in a different dimension where our hero doppelgängers have just been grieved or the dimension where pets act like gods and enslave humans. If you want to watch this episode, you might try to watch it on viooz.

However, for the size of an animated series with a lot of monsters and showing alien sex, the characters “Rick and Morty” respond to cosmic tragedies in existentialist ways that are very familiar, even sometimes with honesty that makes the audience disguise themselves. The robot asked Rick about his purpose, and Rick stated that it’s just to pass the butter to him. “You’re passing butter,” Rick replied. The robot looked at his hands and for the first time realized what it meant: a butter pass. The robot then says Oh My God! Rick and Morty’s dilemmas are very funny and absurd, but the desperation of the characters is real. This is why the millennial generation – who have not even watched television – enjoys this animated series.

Goldman Sachs called millennial “the renter generation” in a recent report. In his opinion, this generation did not buy a house (instead of just contracting, so-called), cars, or durable goods such as refrigerators and washing machines — and that could be because their parents had bought and owned it all. Since the recession, average wages in every industry except health services, have fallen for those under 34 years of age. This is another reason to watch animated series that air on the unpaid television channel.

“Greed has destroyed the [cable] value proposition,” industry analyst Rich Greenfield said in a research note last week. The target of the “Rick and Morty” demo thinks long about buying a television, let alone subscribing to Time Warner.

This financial trend is actually seen clearly in the episodes of “Rick and Morty.” Many young people avoid advertising, so many companies try to reach consumers by placing products in television series, and brands that are not in demand among young consumers do not at all. So, product placement in “Rick and Morty” is an index of brands that can be reached by the poor.

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