The Director Of “Batman” Shows Off The Batman’s Costume

The Batman film director, Matt Reeves, showed off the Batman costume that will be worn by actor Robert Pattinson. The costume was seen in a video he uploaded on one of the video sharing sites on the internet. In the video, Batman costume looks different from the Batman costume that ever existed. The curvature of the body on the chest is made stiff, not curved like the previous costumes. Meanwhile, if you love to watch other DC movies and TV series, we recommend you to watch them on viooz.

In addition, the bat logo on the chest also looks different from the Batman costume ever. The logo only shows bat wings, no bat heads like previous costumes.

This latest Batman costume can not be known in full because the video only shows the chest. At the end of the video also only shows a little part of the face and shoulders.

Reeves did not provide detailed information about the costume. Through his personal Twitter account, he only included #TheBatman and #CameraTest hash marks.

This movie is planned to be released in the middle of the year 2021. This film is part of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) franchise that began with the film Man of Steel (2013).

In January, circulated a number of photos that were allegedly taken during the process of filming The Batman on social networks. The photos were uploaded by the Twitter account user @WadeGrav.

In one photo seen a person going to ride a motorcycle with a scarf so that his face does not look full. The person allegedly Robert Pattinson played the role of Bruce Wayne aka Batman.

In another photo seen someone suspected of Colin Farrel, the actor cast of Oswald Cobblepot aka Penguin in the movie The Batman. He is seen wearing a black suit and umbrella which is identical to the character of the Penguin.

In addition, Acsehowbiz reported, in another photo also seen an SNG (Satellite News Gathering) car that reads 7tv Gotham Local News Live, also a police vehicle that reads Gotham Police. Gotham is the city where Bruce lives.

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