There Are Several Benefits Of Taxes For People

To build a safe country and make sure that all people are protected, you certainly need huge funding. Therefore the funds will be taken from the tax that has been deposited. The funds will be used to strengthen the country’s sovereignty through the development of defense equipment or the main defense system, improvement of the function of the integrated criminal justice system, to the procurement and distribution of logistics when a disaster arrives. Aside from that, you can also go to if you need to hire tax and bookkeeping services.

The next tax benefit is to improve the quality of public transportation in order to improve the community’s economy. Which is the target of this allocation is the construction of railroads, new roads, crossing bridges, dams, seaports, airports, to the construction of irrigation and rehabilitation.

In addition, the tax will be allocated for the provision of savings-based housing, settlement development, wastewater management, drainage, garbage, clean water for settlements, and the construction and improvement of the quality of self-help homes.

There are also several tax benefits for health facilities. Taxes will be allocated to improve the quality of public health services, including:

Provision of additional food for thin toddlers.
Community Health Center Development.
Increased drug supply.
Increased access to health throughout the country.

Apart from that, the tax fund is used for the development of higher education in the field of tourism, the implementation of increased access to transportation to tourist destinations, improved governance of community empowerment, and the development of domestic tourism marketing communications to foreign countries.

Finally, the Tax is used to improve access to basic education services, improve the quality of school operational assistance, improve the quality of learning through the revitalization of tertiary education, and accreditation of thousands of study programs and tertiary institutions.

From the information in this article, we can know that the construction of public facilities and services that we have enjoyed so far are sourced from taxes that have been deposited by each taxpayer. Therefore it is appropriate if we always maintain the facilities and services that have been built by the government so that they can enjoy together for a long time.

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